Wednesday, 25 January 2012

There are some lovely knitting patterns here if you are looking to try out a few new techniques to make your patch for the Tree Cozy.

Click here:

If you prefer to crochet, you can choose from a wide range of crochet square patterns. This webiste as a election of 250!! free patterns, ranging form begginers to more advanced patterns... what a great resource!!

Click here:

Monday, 9 January 2012

More squares received!!

Many many thanks to all who have contributed to the Tree Cozy Project so far.
Over the past few months we have been receiving some beautiful new squares to add to the collection, and we are now nearing our target number of 2000 knitted and crocheted squares!!!!!

Here are a few photos of some of the squares that have recently landed on my desk...keep on sending!! :)

If you would like to contribute here is how you can...

What you need to make:

We are asking all keen and learner knitters to join in on this project to make lots and lots…and LOTS of squares of all different colours, textures and designs. There are a few small guidelines that you need to follow in order to create your knitted squares:

All squares must measure around 12cm x 12cm - 

the above images are a great example of what you need to make!
This means that we can create a nice even patchwork cozy. We can stretch a little, and tuck in a little when we are sewing the squares together, so if you square comes out a little bigger or a little smaller than expected, we don’t mind!

If you use a 5mm pair of knitting needles and double knitting yarn the following pattern should give you an average 12cm square:

Cast on 22 stitches
Knit 40 rows in knit stitch

(Keep measuring the length of your knitting, you may need to add a few more, or knit a few lass rows depending on your tension)

Remember, if you are using bigger needles, or thicker yarn you need less stitches and less rows. 

You can use any colour yarn you wish, in fact the brighter the better: we really want these tree cozies to stand out in the gardens. You can also combine colours and stitches too.

Please use acrylic yarn! This is great because not only is it the cheapest yarn you can buy, but it with stands all weather conditions really well.

When you hand in your square(s) please make sure you put a little note with them telling us your name and where you are from. This is so we can add you name to a list of people who have contributed to the project and give you all the credit you deserve ☺ 

Most importantly, have fun creating your squares!
Be it knitted or crocheted; stripy, spotty or plain, we thank you in advance for contributing to our wonderful community project and hope you will enjoy taking part.

If you live out side of the Crewe area and have kindly made squares to contribute to our project, you can post them to:

Ebor Studio
William Street
OL15 8JP

Make sure you include your name and where you are from and we will feature your sqqaues on this blog :o)

If you have any other questions about the project please contact
Rachael Elwell on 07909982176, or e-mail her at