About the project

What’s it all about?

The idea behind The Tree Cozy Project is to create a vibrant knitted arts and crafts project that will be installed in Jubilee Gardens, Crewe, in June 2012. The project will be a magnificent public display of craftwork that the local community can admire; a project that will transform the local environment.

The installation will be two colourful and tactile cozies that will completely cover the trunk and the braches on two large trees In Jubilee Gardens.
The tree cozies will be made up of hundreds of individual woolly squares that the local community (and hopefully crafters from the UK and beyond) will knit and crochet to contribute to the project. The squares will be sewn together to create the cozies that will hug the trees neatly, creating a snug pullover.

This is a brilliant opportunity for the community to join together and get involved; to share crafty techniques with one and other and for the beginner knitter/crafter, it’s a great chance to improve your skills by attending our free drop-in workshops that will be taking place over the next 12 months. The best thing of all is that you, the participant will be collectively creating a woolly work art that will be admired by the whole town!

Artist Rachael Elwell from ArtYarn will be delivering the project with the local community. She will be visiting local schools, community groups and venues to deliver workshops that will encourage people of all ages to learn how to knit and crochet.
ArtYarn have delivered many projects like this, here are some examples of some past tree cozy projects that they have made....

(click on the images for bigger versions)